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First aid in the (construction) industry

The general regulations regarding working conditions are clear: all employees must be able to work healthily and safely. Employers and employees are jointly responsible for implementing this law in their own organization/branch or workplace.

Every employer is legally obliged to ensure that a first aid kit is present on the construction site. To ensure that your company is compliant during an inspection, it is very important to have a complete first aid kit.

The Protectaplast first aid kits have been specially developed for possible injuries suffered by a construction worker. Our first aid kits have more materials than a regular first aid kit, such as a rescue blanket, mouth respirator, flamma cream, etc.

In addition, our first aid kits come standard with a wall bracket. This allows the kit to be fixed in a standard place so no one has to search for it in case of an emergency.

How many first aid kits are needed in my business?

Each company is divided into "units". A unit is defined as "each separate room, floor or department". If the construction company has, for example, a warehouse, a lunchroom, and an office space, then a first aid kit must be present in all three places

First Aid Rules:

  • Presence: 1 kit per unit
  • Accessibility: kits should be reachable within a unit within 30 seconds and fixed at eye level
  • Control: First aid kit must be checked and replenished (at least) every six months

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