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Self-adhesive lightweight bandages for animals

Does not stick to skin, wound or furr

Help, my pet is injured!

We all consider it normal to have a minimum of first aid material at home for ourselves and/or our children (such as disinfectant spray, cream, plasters, ...). But what do you do if your pet has an injury?

An accident is always possible, even with a (domestic) animal.

Wounds on your cat, dog, rabbit, horse, etc. can occur in different ways. The animal may have been injured accidentally, or it may have just undergone a procedure at the veterinarian.

Wound care on animals is often a bigger challenge than first aid on humans.

The Treatment

The first step in treating a wound is to clean it.

You can do this by rinsing the wound thoroughly with water. Water is not harmful to the wound.

While rinsing, apply gentle pressure to the skin around the wound to flush out any deeper dirt from the wound. You may want to remove the fur around it to prevent hair from getting caught in the wound.

For large, deep wounds, always consult your veterinarian!

For simple and superficial wounds, you can apply a cream (honey ointment, wound ointment or antibiotic ointment - no isobetadine, no black ointment) to prevent the wound from infection.

To prevent your pet from biting the wound or getting dirt in, it is best to cover the wound. Applying a normal plaster is simply impossible... So what to do now?

Protectaplast Pet Protection is our answer to your question!

Our range of self-adhesive bandages are highly efficient and particularly suitable for the care and protection of our furry friends’ wounds!

The entire assortment is designed to be used as easily and effectively as possible.

Our assortment

The bandages are all made without glue, and are self-adhesive. By this we mean that they only attach to themselves, and nothing else!

This prevents the bandage from sticking to the wound or to your pet's hair. In addition, our bandages are very light, so your pet will hardly feel the bandage.

The bandages can be applied directly to the wound, or used as a pressure dressing or to secure a compress or other dressings.

They are breathable, hemostatic and hypo-allergenic. They are easy to tear or cut, and due to the flexible nature of the bandages, they do not restrict your pet's movements.