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Self-adhesive bandages for pets and livestock

Does not stick to skin, wound or furr

Wound care tailored to veterinary medicine.

As a vet, you understand the importance of high-quality dressings for effective wound care.

Protectaplast offers a wide range of dressings designed to improve the healing and comfort of animals. We understand the unique needs of animals and have tailored our range of bandages to veterinary medicine.

Our assortment

The bandages are all made without glue, and are self-adhesive. By this we mean that they only attach to themselves, and nothing else!

This prevents the bandage from sticking to the wound or to your pet's hair. In addition, our bandages are very light, so your pet will hardly feel the bandage.

The bandages can be applied directly to the wound, or used as a pressure dressing or to secure a compress or other dressings.

They are breathable, hemostatic and hypo-allergenic. They are easy to tear or cut, and due to the flexible nature of the bandages, they do not restrict your pet's movements.