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Wound care and first aid materials

At Protectaplast you can find all materials related to general wound care and first aid. Our extensive range of high quality bandages, plasters, dressings, etc. but also a range of creams, cleansing spray, nitrile gloves, etc.. offers a solution to most problems.

Home nursing, hospitals, nursing homes

We provide high quality wound care products for professional care in large quantities.

Protectaplast unburdens

A wide range of sizes and qualities (waterproof, elastic, sensitive skin,...) ensures that there is a plaster for every wound!

In addition, we have a full range of creams.

A wide range of first aid equipment such as eye-wash kits, stretchers, cold compresses, wound dressings, etc. ensures that you are always assured of quality care.

Pharmacists, medi-shops

Protectaplast has a wide range of plasters in different sizes that can be offered to your customers. Protectplast offers a large selection. From water resistant (Pro Washproof) to extra sensitive (Sensitive) or child friendly (Kids). 

Tailored wound care? No problem, thanks to the range of plasters for specific applications, such as our quick plaster, the heel plaster or a transparent plaster, we can meet the needs of any customer.

Packaged in the handy pharmacy boxes, they complete the offer in your store!

Schools, kindergartens, sports clubs - and associations

Accidents can happen during play or sports, and it is very important to be able to offer first care immediately. To prevent infection and further injury, you need to have the correct equipment.

Every school, club or association should have a first aid kit. Make sure the first aid kit is always complete and available (to everyone, not just staff).

It is very important that the first aid kit is well stocked with the necessary products.

Necessary products include: disinfectant, sterile gauze pads, wound plasters, blue vinyl gloves.

Protectaplast Medic Box Pro is available in 3 sizes and contains all the necessary materials for correct first aid!

In addition to the first aid kit, it may also be important to have some specific plasters in stock, such as a Protectaplast heel plaster, a knuckle plaster, a butterfly plaster.... This will ensure that wounds in difficult places can be cared for quickly and properly without restricting movement.

Self-adhesive lightweight bandages for animals

Private label

Our knowledge and quality combined with your private label.