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cohesief verband op paard
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Livestock and farm animals

Livestock Protection Self-adhesive bandage

Animal Friendly
Dirt repellent

Product information

The use of cohesive bandages provides a safe and effective way to fix dressings, protect wounds, support joints and prevent swelling.

cohesive bandages are often used to hold other dressings in place. They have the property of adhering to themselves, which means they remain firmly and reliably in place without additional adhesive material such as tape or bandage clips.
cohesive bandages can be applied over a wound dressing to provide extra protection and prevent the dressing from shifting or becoming loose. The bandage provides a degree of compression and stability around the wound.
They are used to support and stabilise joints in animals, especially during rehabilitation or in case of injury.

By exerting a slight compression on the tissue, they can help reduce oedema and fluid accumulation around an injury or surgical site.

In addition, cohesive bandages offer numerous other benefits, such as:

Cohesive bandages adhere only to themselves and not to the animal’s fur or skin. This prevents discomfort and pain when the bandage is removed, and minimises the risk of hair being pulled out or skin being damaged while changing dressings.
They are flexible and easy to apply. Moreover, they can easily be adjusted or reapplied if needed.
Cohesive bandages are designed with a breathable material that allows air and moisture to pass through. This helps to maintain healthy skin and prevents moisture retention. Moreover, our cohesive bandages are water-resistant, meaning they retain their properties even if they get wet, for example during bathing or in humid environments.
They can be reused, which is cost-effective. After being removed, they can be cleaned and reapplied if needed. This makes them suitable for long-term treatments or when dressings need to be changed regularly.


  • Fixation of dressings
  • Protection of wounds
  • Joint support
  • Prevention of swelling
  • No glue
  • Easy to apply and adjust
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Reusable

Product variant

smartplaster - 5cm x 4,5m - 24 stuks/doos
smartplaster - 2,5cm x 4,5m - 48 pcs/box
smartplaster - 7,5cm x 4,5m - 16 pcs/box