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Livestock Protection: Teat bandage

Animal Friendly
Dirt repellent

Product information

Teat bandage for mastitis

Mastitis occurs when bacteria enter the udder through the milk ducts. The bacteria multiply in the udder tissue, causing inflammation. Mastitis can occur both clinically and subclinically. It is important to diagnose and treat mastitis early, as untreated it can lead to serious complications, such as tissue necrosis and reduced long-term milk production.

The purpose of a teat bandage is to reduce inflammation, reduce swelling and promote healing. The bandage can also help relieve pain and speed up the recovery process. In addition, teat bandages can help the cow stand more comfortably and produce milk.


  • Protection and insulation 
  • Promoting healing
  • Pressure distribution
  • Hygiene and protection
  • Absorption
  • Easy application

Product variant

Foam Blue 6 cm x 4,5m - 6 pcs/box
Foam Blue 3cm x 4,5m - 12 pcs/box
Foam Beige 6cm x 4,5m - 6 pcs/box
Foam Beige 3cm x 4,5m - 12 pcs/box