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Product information

Pet Protection Cleansing Spray based on chlorhexidine digluconate can be used in the care of hooves and claws of animals. It can help clean and disinfect the hoof or claw and prevent or treat certain conditions.

•   Disinfection of hoof and claw injuries: when a hoof or claw suffers injury, such as a wound, ulcer or abscess, Cleansing Spray can be used to reduce bacterial load and prevent infection.

•   Treatment of hoof and claw problems: chlorhexidine can also be used in the treatment of specific hoof and claw diseases, such as white line disease and lameness. It can help clear bacterial infections and promote healing in these cases.*

•   Cleaning of hooves and claws: chlorhexidine can be used as a general cleanser for the hoof or claw. It can help remove dirt, mud and bacteria that can accumulate in the hoof or claw area.

* The use of chlorhexidine should always be combined with other appropriate veterinary treatments, such as trimming the hoof or claw and removing infected tissue.
The correct application and dilution of chlorhexidine depends on the specific situation and the recommendations of a vet or a professional farrier.
These professionals can assess the health of the hoof or claw, determine the nature of the problem and recommend the most appropriate treatment methods.


Disinfecting wounds in animals is an important part of wound care and serves several purposes:

  • Preventing infection
  • Cleaning
  • Breaking down biofilms and reducing the bacterial load in the wound.
  • Reducing inflammatory reactions

Product overview

Cleansing Spray 50ml - 20 pcs/box
Cleansing Spray 250ml - 36 pcs/box

Product variant

Cleansing Spray 50ml
Cleansing Spray 250ml